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Keep in mind you are going to be looking at this dog for the rest of it life.
So take the time to do it right!
Or don't do it!
Ears are a big deal.

The way the ears are cropped
makes a great deal as to the
look of the head.

Here is Greg with a bad crop.
 Click on photo to read what is on the photo.

*Question to self why did I not ask for
photos of her work before I did this
too these poor babies?*
Or even ask to see dogs that she had
done. It would be worth the time!
Well anyway I had to find another vet
ASAP to fix what this vet did...
Ear cropping is not a must.
But if it is done,
then have it done right!

Look at the bell of poor Greg's ear.
To me this is a job half done.
the bottom
(the bell of the ear was never cleaned up) tucked in.

You can see in this photo where the bell is nice and clean,
 not sticking out * like a bat*
this is after the 2nd crop

There are a lot of sad
looking crops out there.

Here is Fiona with a bad crop
Click on photo to read what is on the photo.

Look at the bell of poor Fiona's ears.
 To me this is a job half done.
the bottom (the bell of the ear was never cleaned up) tucked in.
Some vets are only for the money,
or are simply not trained &
or are not artist enough to
be doing ear crops.
It's like tattooing, it should
be left to the professionals.

Fiona & Pruddie
Nice ear crops

Ears do not simply stand on
there own.
They must be cropped to
stand up.
And this should always be done
by a licensed vet.
This puppies photos can show you what the bell should look like after a fresh new crop.
 Look at where the stitches are.

Finding a GOOD VET is
really hard.
Just because it's a vet dose
not make him a good one.
Some vets specialize in different
Ear cropping is not always
there top pick.
some vets use a tool like this,. Which will not make a clean cut up the side of the head, not pulling the bell in. We don't want the bell cut off, we want it curved in. This is an art, and has to be done by some one who will use more that the tool above to do this job.

These 2 boxers had there ears cropped,
but the ear leather was too thick for them to stand
Sometimes if a vet has been doing ears for a while,
They will point this out and say these ears might not stand.
& let you know it's up to you and it may take longer to get them up.

Dharma before & After^
Drama and Joe both took over a year for there ears to stand, Dharma had 2 ear cropping.

The photos are to show some of the crap
my Boxers  went through with cropping!
I was new to the area, & looking 4
a vet that could do ear cropping the RIGHT WAY!
Not just lop them off.
So I had these 3 puppies that needed
their ears cropped. So I talked to
people in the area
"people who own boxers"
Mistake 1, ( just because they have
a boxer dose not mean that know
 jack about the ear cropping )

This female has large bells at the bottom of her ears. She has such a beautiful face witch makes you look past the bad crop.
When looking at a crop, it should look clean on the sided of the head. you should not be looking in to a bell..

2009 photos of Mrs.Pruddie

     I went with a vet in Wv.
This vet has cropped many ears for
many people and said she had done
show crops before.
"SHOW CROP" is a cut that
enhances & shows off the appearance
of the Boxer head.
The ears should not be the main
focal point when looking at your boxer
They should only enhance the
But as you will see,
if she has did show crops before
then she has screwed up other peoples
dogs before she did mine.
I won't post her name, Because I won't bash people like that.

This is Koby he has a nice clean crop.

This is Buster with an outstand crop.

I can only email you the name and phone number of the vet that did this fine job, and she is the one who fixed my other puppies ears.
I have had about  8 Boxers ears done there.
I take in a FEW photos and show her what I like and don't like.
not all the crops are the same, it depends on the style I ask for.

Copyright  2003, 2011  Flaming Boxers. All Rights Reserved.
Side note to those who talk smack:
so before you talk about someone's dogs ears,
you should ask 1st what happen, & where?

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